HudaBeauty Rose Gold Edition

HudaBeauty Rose Gold Edition | First Impression.

So, living in America for the summer and being guaranteed no customs I had to go and order the HudaBeauty Rose Gold Edition palette. I ordered it off and in total the cost came to $70.53 with free shipping. I must admit I was so excited for this palette especially to see if it was worth all the hype. I ordered it on Friday the 23rd and it came yesterday, Monday the 26th so the delivery was fast which was really good, however for countries outside the US it may take longer. For this review I am going to narrow it down in different sections- packaging, texture, pigmentation, blend and my over all thoughts.

  1. Packaging- When I received the package it was well wrapped up in a fairly big sized box in comparison to the palette itself. I liked this because it protected the palette well from breaking or cracking the shadows. I really like the design of the outer sleeve of the palette, a mix between matte and metallic cardboard gives a really nice elegant classy look to the whole thing. The palette itself is fairly basic. I would have prefered if it came with a mirror instead of a clear front, as this would make it a lot easier for bloggers/Youtubers to do tutorials with the palette. Considering Huda Katten herself is the Top Beauty Influencer on Instagram and mainly focuses on other talented MUA’s reposting their tutorials, I would have personally thought Huda would have made sure a mirror was a part of her palette. Other than that I’m impressed!
  2. Texture- The palette comes with 18 eyeshadow’s in total, 7 foil shimmer shades and 11 matte shades. To be honest I thought the shadows would be a lot more chalky but they really aren’t! They are so buttery and there was very little fall out, next to none! I am really happy with the texture of the eyeshadow’s in the palette.
  3. Pigmentation- All the matte shades are super pigmented however the shimmer shades are hard to work with. I tried to start off with my finger to apply the shimmer shade ‘Angelic’ but eventually had to get a damp eyeshadow brush to apply. But they definitely have potential if you have the time and patience to work with them.
  4. Blend- The blend of these eyeshadows are amazing! Considering they are so pigmented you would think it would be harder to blend out but they really aren’t! blended straight away which is a super good thing especially if you struggle with blending as it can be difficult. 
  5. My Overall Thoughts- Being honest overall I am very impressed with this palette! Although there are a few down sides, I would still definitely recommend. It is pricy but Huda Katten has worked extremely hard all throughout her career and has certainly built herself up to charge this amount for an 18 eyeshadow palette. I am so happy I spent the money on it! It comes with a wide range of colours mostly warm tones but a few cool tones too. I love this palette! 

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  1. @hudabeauty please see this! Lucy is an amazing makeup artist!!! She is an inspiration 💜😘 I love lucy, if I had to pick my favourite makeup artist I wouldn’t even have to think about it for a second, the answer would obviously be LucyFitzMakeup😊xx

    1. Lucy I am sorry😂😂😂😂 I thought it was this you wanted @hudabeauty to see but it was on your instagram😂😂 oops.

  2. Which shade would be your most favourite?
    Love your work by the way, i was at one of your masterclasses, it was so worth it!!! Xxxxxx

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