How To Create That Perfect Summer Outfit.

We all know the pressure of trying to get cool unique outfits during the summer months, especially if you have been stuck in a school uniform since September like me! Be it a concert, festival or even a day at the sea, finding and planning outfits can be tough. So that is why I am writing you this blog post, to turn planning outfits from a chore to a hobby!

For starters, you are not going to feel good on the outside if you don’t feel good in the inside. Make time for yourself. Do something you love at least once a week even if it’s something as small as taking a bubble bath or watching your favourite movie. You need time away from your 9 to 5 or else you will go insane!

When it comes to choosing nice outfits you do not need to break the bank. However, there is no point spending 3oo euro in Penneys on clothes that aren’t going to last. Sure, buy the newest trends in Penneys and bits like that. But from my experience I would buy all my basic clothes such as plain T-shirts, cami tops, vest tops, plain jeans (Try get different colours of everything, but especially black and white) in shops such as Zara, River Island, New Look. The reason why is because these last longer and wash way better than clothes you buy in Penneys. There simply just better quality. You need basic clothes for any outfit you wear, so that is why I spend the extra bit of money, they will last and keep there quality! I like to think off all these basic clothes as preping your skin before make up, its the base to the masterpiece!! ¬†(I really hope I’m making sense right now lol)

Once you have all your basic clothes got, now its for the fun part! I try and buy one thing new every time I go shopping, such as a skirt in the sale rack in River Island or a jacket in New Look. I find buying 1 thing new every time I’m out shopping is so much better than going on a shopping spree spending hundreds of euro, you just come home feeling like you bought nothing!! am I right people?? By doing it my way you will start to notice your collection of clothes building up without feeling like you are broke!

Summer clothes is all about bright light clothes. For example, wear a flowy colourful blazer with a pair of plain denim jeans rather than a black leather fur jacket with black jeans (That is for winter!) Try have at least one exotic piece of clothing when wearing an outfit, this will be the main focus of the whole look. Such as flower pattern pants, then you would wear a plain coloured t shirt or vest top (no patterns or designs). Don’t be afraid to be different! No one ever looks twice at a plain jane, be the girl that everyone looks twice at!

Lastly, highlight your best points. If you have wide hips then get skirts and pants that hug your hips and shows them curves. If you feel like you have no shape to your body (I envy you) then wear what ever the hell you like! Personally if I was as lucky as you I would wear T shirt dresses all the time! I think they look so cool on people, I tried to wear one before (picture below) but you could still see my figure shape which is not supposed to happen lol. Also flowy vest tops would look great on you too, H&M do great ones. If you love your upper body then wear tight tops, if you love your legs then wear skirts and shorts to show them off! Whatever figure you have, if you’re 5 stone or 50 stone remember that you are still beautiful and no figure or shape is the right one. Wear what ever you like, even if its completely different, start a trend! This blog post is just how I prefer to wear my clothes, if you want to wear cheetah print from head to toe then you do you girl, flaunt it!


Here I am wearing a very tight colourful skirt, so I decided to wear a plain black vest top and plain black heels so all the focus is on the skirt.
Top is from warehouse, Skirt is River Island and heels are boohoo


Here’s the t-shirt dress I was on about. It just didn’t suit my figure as much as it would on someone who was slimmer. Dress, clutch and chocker are from Boohoo, Boots are from Inthestyleuk.