HudaBeauty Rose Gold Edition

HudaBeauty Rose Gold Edition | First Impression.

So, living in America for the summer and being guaranteed no customs I had to go and order the HudaBeauty Rose Gold Edition palette. I ordered it off and in total the cost came to $70.53 with free shipping. I must admit I was so excited for this palette especially to see if it was worth all the hype. I ordered it on Friday the 23rd and it came yesterday, Monday the 26th so the delivery was fast which was really good, however for countries outside the US it may take longer. For this review I am going to narrow it down in different sections- packaging, texture, pigmentation, blend and my over all thoughts.

  1. Packaging- When I received the package it was well wrapped up in a fairly big sized box in comparison to the palette itself. I liked this because it protected the palette well from breaking or cracking the shadows. I really like the design of the outer sleeve of the palette, a mix between matte and metallic cardboard gives a really nice elegant classy look to the whole thing. The palette itself is fairly basic. I would have prefered if it came with a mirror instead of a clear front, as this would make it a lot easier for bloggers/Youtubers to do tutorials with the palette. Considering Huda Katten herself is the Top Beauty Influencer on Instagram and mainly focuses on other talented MUA’s reposting their tutorials, I would have personally thought Huda would have made sure a mirror was a part of her palette. Other than that I’m impressed!
  2. Texture- The palette comes with 18 eyeshadow’s in total, 7 foil shimmer shades and 11 matte shades. To be honest I thought the shadows would be a lot more chalky but they really aren’t! They are so buttery and there was very little fall out, next to none! I am really happy with the texture of the eyeshadow’s in the palette.
  3. Pigmentation- All the matte shades are super pigmented however the shimmer shades are hard to work with. I tried to start off with my finger to apply the shimmer shade ‘Angelic’ but eventually had to get a damp eyeshadow brush to apply. But they definitely have potential if you have the time and patience to work with them.
  4. Blend- The blend of these eyeshadows are amazing! Considering they are so pigmented you would think it would be harder to blend out but they really aren’t! blended straight away which is a super good thing especially if you struggle with blending as it can be difficult. 
  5. My Overall Thoughts- Being honest overall I am very impressed with this palette! Although there are a few down sides, I would still definitely recommend. It is pricy but Huda Katten has worked extremely hard all throughout her career and has certainly built herself up to charge this amount for an 18 eyeshadow palette. I am so happy I spent the money on it! It comes with a wide range of colours mostly warm tones but a few cool tones too. I love this palette! 

My Top 10 Favourite Snapchatters.

There’s nothing like sitting down every evening with a cup of tea by your side about to watch all your favourite bloggers. For me this is nearly always the highlight of my day! I have been following bloggers for years now and I have narrowed down my top 10 from a very, very long list. So, here it goes in no particular order!

  1. Jen Morris (@TooDollyMakeup)- Ah Jen! This beaut along with her best pal Laura (she’s next!) were the two main bloggers to inspire me to set up my own. Jen’s sass and enthusiasm inspires me to be the biggest baddest b*tch out there! Her make up skills are always on point and always does tutorials! Definitely worth the add, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Laura Dempsey (@LauDempMakeup)- Laura is just too fab! A professional MUA based in Waterford, her dramatic glam make up looks never fails to amaze me. Her snapchats are always so genuine and always gives her honest reviews on products. Does lots of tutorials and skin care talks too! (Also her and her boyfriend Joel are GOALSSS)
  3. Tara Farrell (@Tara_Makeup)- Tara, the bridal make up queen! I have been following this lady for nearly two years now and her sweetness is what made her stay. Always comes across so caring and honest in her Snapchats. Besides her skill when it comes to subtle glam make up looks, Tara’s style and fashion is so inspiring! She always looks so elegant and classy even in bargain clothes such as Penneys. A real lady!
  4. Aoife Harty (@AoifeHarty14)- Aoife, a local girl not too far away from me! At the age of 18 she has accomplished so much and I really think she deserves a lot more recognition for her work. 100% one of the top MUA’s in Ireland. I have never got my make up done before but for sure I’d let her paint my face any day! Always does tutorials on her Snapchat too.
  5. Keilidh Cashell (@KeilidhMua)- Where to start?? Keilidh is definitely Ireland’s top MUA at the moment. The artistic unique make up looks she comes up with blows my mind how anyone can even think of such idea’s! So young and so on top of her game, she inspire’s everyone! Also I envy her amazing Monaghan accent (‘Darrawnnn’ for Pro Team) lol.
  6. Laura Young (@LaurasViews)- This woman never ever EVER fails to have me in stitches laughing.. no joke! A lifestyle, vegan blogger who is the most honest person out there! Laura is one of the first bloggers I started to follow and I have never regretted it since. Her and her partner Dean crack me up and I love how we still don’t know to this day what he look’s like. It’s as clear as day how much she love’s her banana’s too (even more than Dean) lol!
  7. Rachel Benson (@GlowingGirlies)- The fab Rachel who is the owner of Glowing Girlies Boutique based in Limerick City and online. All her dresses and clothing are amazing and each unique to their own. But, what I love the most about Rachel is she’s not all about her pretty dresses. Her Snapchat is HILARIOUS!! I’m not joking she has one of the best personalities I have ever seen and her and her husbands sarcastic fights always have me in tears! A true jokester!
  8. Leah Stundon (@LeahStundon95)- This sweetheart Leah is a close true friend of mine. I like to think of Leah as the motherly figure of snapchat, she looks out for everyone and would help anyone in need! She is so open about mental health and her anxiety and because of that I will look up to her forever more. As well as that she is an amazing MUA and her make up is always on fleek. Always does skin care and make up tutorials too.
  9. Miriam Mullins (@MiriamMullins)- Miriam has such a unique out going personality and because of that I could watch her snaps all day! Her style and fashion is so different and I love it. I met Miriam once before and she was so kind and friendly I will never forget it. Talks about everything in general on her snapchat and always gives advice and tips! Definitely worth the add.
  10. Buff Egan (@HurlingBanter)- Are you even Irish if you don’t follow Buff?? I could not leave him out! A true GAA man, even though I’m not big in to it myself I am always in stitches watching his Snapchat. His phrases are used across the country by every young one and you can Believe That! So inspiring to young GAA players and takes massive pride and passion in what he does.

Starting a Social Media Account.

Okay, so firstly before I get in to things I would like to thank my uncle William for making me this website as a Christmas present (Yes I have had this website that long, only deciding to publish now!!) I am really not good at the whole website blog thing but I am going to give it a go, especially being here in America for the summer I do have a lot of time on my hands so I thought why not start it now! This first blog post is all about my experience on starting a social media account and starting a following. I get asked about this a lot so I thought it would be the perfect first post on my official website. So, let’s get started!

If you have been following me on my Snapchat, Instagram (and now Twitter!) you will know that I started off my social media based on make up and beauty. However, since then it has grown in to something a lot more than that, from fashion and style to advice and rants, I talk and post about everything now and I bring you through my whole life not just the pretty make up side of things. But, unfortunately (kinda) I am still called ‘LucyFitzMakeup’ on all social media platforms even though I am always known as Lucy Fitz when ever I meet followers (‘Lucyfitz’ was already taken ugh..) I set up my page in March of 2016, so just over a year ago. Currently I have 34.3K Followers. For me, my following has always been growing gradually. There was no dramatic increase or decrease, just always gradual. I was big into make up months and months before I actually set up my Instagram page and the final push to make me do it was a boy cheating on me. I know you are probably thinking “What the hell! how does a boy cheating on her make her want to set up a bloody make up page??” Well here’s why my friend, all my life I have been terrified of what people thought of me. From walking down the school halls to posting a new profile picture on FB, the anxiety I got from other people’s thoughts always took over my life. It came to a stage where I literally lived my life to impress others and not myself. I started to become really low and down all the time. It was really awful and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. That boy cheating on me finally made me realise that no body is really down for you only yourself. No one wants your happiness as much as you want your happiness (repeat those last 12 words three times right now, you will have a happy day)  So that’s when I decided f*ck this I am going to make this Instagram page so I can post all my make up looks and do tutorials because I love doing make up and this is what makes ME happy. This was probably the turning point in my life, and by far the best decision I have ever made.

So, where to begin?? Choose a username. Something catchy and easy to remember. Try stay away from a lot of numbers and symbols as this can make it tricky for your followers to remember (e.g Lucy_fitz_makeup567) But at the same time you want to make your username unique and different!

Once you have your username over and done with its time to edit your page and get it up and running! Obviously before you start posting you need a Bio. For a bio try to make it as simple as possible but still very effective. No one likes coming on to a page and seeing a Bio full of emojis but at the same time no one likes reading a whole book on a bio either! It’s all about happy medium. Pick a theme for your Instagram page and stick with it. Give details that are necessary (age, country, email, type of blog) without giving away too much information (exact location, contact number)

Now its time for the fun part- posting! Try start off with a theme for your Instagram and then build from there (like I did with the make up posts) You need to keep your posts consistent if you want to build your following. For me, I never used a lot of hashtags at all, although I see the majority of MUA’s using them. Personally, I don’t enjoying looking at posts using a lot of hashtags, I automatically scroll past them because it just seems like a lot to take in (again, that’s my personal opinion) So for my posts I just caption with no hashtags. What I would recommend to do when starting out is tag bloggers of the same interest in your post. That way it will come up on their tagged pictures and they will see your page, that for me was a really good way to get recognised. The more frequent you are with your posts the more your following will grow. Don’t worry, it does take time but you will get there. I also want you to know that it is not all about how many followers you have. Quality over quantity. What I mean by this is, it is much much better to have 100 active, positive followers rather than 1000 inactive negative followers. I am blessed and extremely lucky that I have 34,388 amazing positive active followers that are always and have always been very good to me and because of that I can honestly say I would not mind if my following stopped growing completely, because I am over happy with the ones I already have (cringeeeeee but true, love yall) Last but not least share your name around! Get your friends and family to post about your page and share the link around. I got so many shoutouts when I started from asking people I didn’t even know! (again I am so grateful) I know this may seem a bit cheeky but hey, the worse that can happen is they say no! Although you want as many shoutouts as possible, you don’t want your page to be all shoutouts by returning the favour as this is not what people want to see.

I hope that has giving you some understanding on how I set up my social media accounts and I hope this has helped you in some way when it comes to your blog. Please do not be afraid, I remember my first bio on LucyFitzMakeup was ‘Do what makes you happy, people will talk anyway’ and I still live by that to this day. I know it can be extremely nerve-wracking but take the plunge and go for it! I believe in you.

Love Lucy x